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Personal Property Flood Insurance

Connecticut Personal Property Flood Insurance

Get CT Flood Insurance for Your Property  

 When most people think of a flood, they might think of events like Hurricane Katrina, or Hurricane Sandy. These were huge devastating storms that caused billions of dollars in damage. 

  In reality, most floods are caused by far less catastrophic situations. In fact, it only takes a few inches of standing water to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages. That’s why you need flood insurance in CT to protect your property.  

 Adion Financial can help you find the best flood insurance rates. Contact us now for a quote! 

What Is Flood Insurance?  

Flood insurance protects you from losses caused by certain types of water damage. It covers losses caused by floods from, for example: 

  • Storm surges 
  • Excessive rain 
  • Melting snow 
  • Infrastructure damage  

Who Needs Flood Insurance?  

You’re not legally obliged to get flood insurance in CT. However, you should have flood insurance if you live in a high-risk flood zone. Flood zones are designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  

You may also need flood insurance to get a mortgage in a high-risk flood zone. So, before you search for a new home, it’s worth browsing CT flood insurance quotes first!  

Flood Insurance and Personal Property Coverage  

Does flood insurance cover personal property? It can. However, you may need to purchase separate policies to cover both your dwelling and your personal property 

Our agents can explain whether you need personal flood insurance alongside other products.  

Consequences of Not Having Flood Insurance  

If you don’t have flood insurance when you need it, you risk: 

  • Being unable to secure a mortgage; and  
  • Losing property without the means to repair or replace it. 

And if you have a business, you may not be covered for business interruption due to the flood. Our agents can help you choose commercial insurance for your specific needs.  

Why Homeowners Insurance Is Not Enough 

Doesn’t homeowners insurance cover flood damage? Not outside of the home!  

  • Homeowners insurance won’t cover the costs of removing debris or repairing your property. 
  • Similarly, homeowners insurance won’t cover damage from water entering your home from e.g. a storm surge. It only covers flooding inside the home e.g. a faulty bathroom pipe.  

You can’t rely on home insurance in CT for flood damage. Talk to Adion Financial to get a personal flood insurance quote to protect your property.  

Flood Insurance Rates 

Flood insurance rates vary considerably. It all depends on what you need from your Connecticut flood insurance.  

Rates may be influenced by, for example, your past claims history. If you’ve already made a CT flood insurance claim before, this could affect your rate. And insuring a business may cost more than insuring a residential property. 

Other factors, such as the property elevation and number of floors, can also impact flood insurance rates. 

The good news is that there is flood insurance to suit every budget. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look to find a competitive quote. This is where our team can help. Call now to learn more about Connecticut floor insurance for your home or business. 

Choosing Flood and Home Insurance  

How do you choose residential flood insurance to protect your property? There are a few points to consider. Your personal property flood insurance needs depend on: 

  • Your flood zone risk 
  • The size of your property  
  • Your level of coverage  
  • The level of deductible you’re comfortable with   

As you can see, there’s no “one size fits all” for every property owner looking for flood insurance. If you need flood insurance in Glastonbury, CT, don’t hesitate to contact Adion Financial.  

Get Commercial or Residental Flood Insurance Quotes From Adion Financial 

Do you need personal flood insurance for your home? Contact Adion Financial.  

Our friendly, experienced team can understand your needs and match you with a suitable quote. We keep the process simple – you won’t feel overwhelmed by the options. We will walk you through the quotes and help you choose the right CT flood insurance for you 

Are you ready to get your commercial flood or home insurance quote? It’s as simple as calling our office or requesting a quote online!  

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