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Does Flood Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

View of homes submerged in water after hurricane and storm flooding treetops and rooftops visible
View of homes submerged in water after hurricane and storm flooding treetops and rooftops visible

Did you know that 90% of natural disasters in the United States involve flooding? This is worrying, especially since flooding is also one of the most expensive natural disasters in the US!  

If you’re in a region prone to hurricanes and storm damage, you might be wondering whether flood insurance will protect you. Below, our team explains if flood insurance covers hurricanes and what you might do to protect your home.    

What Is Flood Insurance? 

Flood insurance covers damage caused by flooding. In this context, “flooding” is any excessive flow of water over land which is normally dry. The ground can be partially or completely flooded, but what matters is that the water flows over land, which it wouldn’t normally infiltrate.  

What’s Covered Under Flood Insurance? 

Flood insurance covers water damage caused specifically by flooding. As it’s a type of catastrophe insurance, it can protect your home from losses after a natural disaster.  

You pay a premium, and if you need to make a claim, your policy pays out up to your coverage limits. Flood insurance covers, on average, up to $250,000 in damage affecting your home’s structure and vital components e.g., the water heater.  

Standard flood insurance policies cover your property. They do not usually cover the contents of the home or personal belongings. You can purchase additional coverage to make sure your belongings are insured.   

What Does Flood Insurance Cover That Hurricane Insurance Won’t? 

Put simply, flood insurance is more comprehensive than hurricane insurance.  

  • Hurricane insurance covers damage specifically from a hurricane. This usually means wind-related damage and flying debris rather than floodwaters.  
  • Flood insurance kicks in the moment your property floods. It protects your property from structural damage caused by various types of flooding, not just hurricanes.  

In short, hurricane insurance covers hurricane-related damage, but this usually doesn’t mean flooding. Flood insurance protects you from structural damage caused by flooding more generally.  

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Flooding From a Hurricane? 

Typically, homeowner’s insurance will not cover flood damage losses. All it covers is interior water damage from, for example, a burst pipe. You will need separate insurance to protect your belongings and contents from significant flooding.  

Hurricane or flood damage won’t be covered by a standard renter’s policy, either.  

Does Flood Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage? 

Flood insurance can cover flooding caused by a hurricane. The only damage covered must be to your home structure, i.e., it won’t protect your belongings. And as mentioned, it won’t cover other types of hurricane damage, such as damage caused by high winds.  

Your home insurance policy may not cover wind damage from a hurricane, either. If you’re in an area at a high risk of hurricanes, you may require a separate insurance policy.    

Do I Need Flood or Hurricane Insurance? 

Ultimately, this depends on your property and where you live.  

You might consider flood or hurricane insurance if you live in an area prone to storm damage. You may also simply want peace of mind, knowing you’re protected.  

What if you’re in a zone flagged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as high risk for flooding? You’ll probably require flood insurance for home ownership.  

Get Flood Insurance in Connecticut  

Are you concerned about flood damage to your home? Flood insurance may provide you with peace of mind.  

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